Tactile Labs

Our company

Tactile Labs Inc. is a non-profit organization based in Montreal, Canada. Founded in 2008 by members, alumni and collaborators of McGill University’s Haptics Laboratory, Tactile Labs’ mission has always been to refine experimental haptic interfaces developed by research laboratories and to make them available to the research community. Our company plays the role of bridging the gap between successful academic projects and pre-commercial development, as well as an distributor to promote new haptic products to the haptic society. 

Our goals

To develop, manufacture, distribute and promote pre-competetive and experimental haptic technologies.

To support and conduct research and development activities related to haptic technologies and their applications.

To acquire, licence, create ,and protect intellectual properties for haptic technologies.

To produce, maintain ans disseminate technical documentation for haptic technologies developed by the corporation and its members.

To support the comercialization of haptic technologies through technology transfers to industrial partenrs and spin-off companies.

Our team

Xuan Duan, President

Xuan Duan ( PhD’07 McGill University) spent many years working in government institute and universitie, experienced on haptic research and applications.
She’s been serving as president of Tactile Labs since 2013, in charge of project management, sale, and technical support. She has participated many international
conferences and workshops in haptic fields. She contributes in haptic applications and bridge academic projects to commercial development.

Hsin-Yun Yao, secretary

Hsin-Yun Yao (B.Eng.’99 M.Eng.’04 PhD’10). During her graduate studies, she has worked in collaboration with Queen’s University on the developmement of the haptic enhanced surgical probe, and with Immersion Corp. on the vibe tactile perception for mobile devices.

Jean-Samuel Chenard, technology support

Jean-Samuel Chenard (B.Eng.’99 M.Eng.’05, PhD’11) has graduated from the McGill Integrated Microsystems Laboratory in 2011.

He is currently the founder and president of Motsai a company specialized in electronic product development.  Many of the projects at Motsai integrate haptic solutions for mass production in electronic systems.