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The Haptuator is a high-bandwidth vibrotactile transducer capable of producing up to 3G of acceleration. It can be driven like a common loudspeaker and is compatible with most audio amplifiers. Originally developed at McGill University, it has been used in numerous research projects in various fields including medical devices, virtual reality and perception studies. This original version was redesigned and can be replaced by other products of Tactile Labs, please see Haptuator Redesign, Haptuator Mark II. To purchase this original version need at least 6 weeks lead time.

Download the TL002-14-A Product Specification


Selected Publications

Yao, H.-Y. and Hayward, V. 2010. Design and Analysis of A Recoil-Type Vibrotactile Transducer. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. 128(2):619-627

Ellis, R. E., Hayward, V., and Yao, H.-Y. 2011 (Sept 13). Tactile Amplification Instrument and Method of Use. US Patent 8,016,818.

Complete list of publication can be found here.

Price: $200.00

US: $200.00
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