Haptuator Original

The Haptuator is a high-bandwidth vibrotactile transducer capable of producing up to 3G of acceleration. It can be driven like a common loudspeaker and is compatible with most audio amplifiers. Originally developed at McGill University, it has been used in numerous research projects in various fields including medical devices, virtual reality and perception studies. This original version was redesigned and can be replaced by other products of Tactile Labs, please see Haptuator Redesign, Haptuator Mark II. To purchase this original version need at least 6 weeks lead time.

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Price: $200.00

US: $200.00
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Virtual Rainstick Kit

The Virtual Rainstick Kit from Tactile Labs provide you the necessary standalone hardware to sense, process and output vibrotactile signals.  This kit can reproduce the “Virtual Rolling Stone” (some refers it to the virtual rainstick) experiment described in this article, and possibly much more.

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Price: $950.00

US: $950.00


The Latero Tactile Display is a state-of-the-art tactile display that operates by deforming the fingerpad skin with an array of laterally moving pins actuated by miniature piezoelectric bending motors.

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Price: $0.00

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Industrial Haptuator

This newly designed Haptuator is meant to shake things up, literally.

Weighting close to 250 grams and built entirely out of machined aluminium  this Haptuator can be used to vibrate larger objects (e.g. a chair) or a floor tile.  The higher mass inside and compliant suspension can allow for more than 10mm of travel, allowing this Haptuator to deliver very compelling low frequency vibrations.

Dimensions (core): 28 mm x 36 mm x 65.2 mm

Dimensions (with mounting plate) : 32 mm x 56 mm x 65.2 mm



More detailed specifications will be posted soon.


Price: $350.00

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The HapCoil-One is known as Haptuator Mark II-D , has large rated bandwidth (98% of the haptic bandwidth and most of the audio a bandwidth), high acceleration output while being small in size. It can be driven as a common loudspeaker and is compatible with most audio amplifiers.

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Price: $200.00

US: $200.00
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Haptu Amp

Haptu Amp is amplifier which is specially designed for Tactile Labs Haptuators. It works with all types of our haptuators.

Please go to Documentation for more information about Haptu Amp.


Additional DescriptionMore Details

Mini amplifier design for Hapuators

Price: $50.00

US: $50.00
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TL-002-14R Haptuator Redesign

This re-designed transducer by Tactile Labs is a new version of Haptuator Original, with larger rated bandwidth, higher acceleration output, and the similar size and weight. Like other Haptuators, it can be driven as a common loudspeaker and is compatible with most audio amplifiers.

This version provides flexible disassemble/reassemble structure, which can greatly benefit the user to attach it to objects.



Price: $80.00

US: $80.00
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Multi-channels amplifier to drive maximum 4 Haputators individually. Each channel can output up to 10W derived from the input audio signal.  Size of PCB is 70 mm length and 60 mm width.

Details and diagrams in Documentation

Price: $150.00

US: $150.00
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Haptuator Planar

Haptuator™ Planar is a miniature, planar version of the original Haptuator. In addition to the same 50-500Hz high bandwidth characteristics as the original Haptuators, the Haptuator Planar consists of a soft surface specifically designed to directly stimulate the skin. The 6mm low profile and the 1.8 grams light weight allow it to be embedded in small devices. Its patent-pending planar structure allows it to have comparable performance and similar impedance as the original Haptuator. It is compatible with common audio amplifiers designed for loud speakers.

Download Haptuator Planar Specification


Price: $130.00

US: $130.00
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Tactile actuator BMXC

Tactuator BMXC series presents new contribution to Tactile Labs’ products, the ‘voice coil vibrotactile motor’ family. It is designed by revolutionary method which is based on years experience during the ‘Haptuator Mark II’ manufacture.

Limited pieces in stack.


Price: $200.00

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